How an authentic party – one that seeks to rescue democracy from politics – operates should not be up to the hired strategists or the backroom boys and girls to determine. It should be guided by a set of principles and values that are not open to negotiation or modification to serve political expediency.
My five years of involvement with the Green Party of Canada (GPC) gave me the opportunity to formulate some insights and strategies to build authentic member participation that would bring about real change in how we do politics in Canada.
To my disappointment, the GPC leadership was never able to embrace these ideals as outlined in the collage below. It therefore came as no surprise to me when in the fall of 2021 all that was predicted in my postmortem to federal council after the 2019 campaign, had come to pass. 
Instead of taking stock and pressing reset on the party’s culture, and facing the party’s deep preoccupation with power politics, the party continued to double down on the same old spin. At a time when a global pandemic raged on, fueled by the people’s mistrust of their governments, many lost confidence in what they saw as a national party committed to authenticity, transparency, and integrity.
Was this inevitable? Was it realistic to believe that a political party could change the way politics is done without a systemic reset of the cultural framework within which it operates and has to get elected? Probably not. 
And that’s why, after long and careful reflection, I chose to change my focus and become a champion to Build a New Tomorrow.
You can learn more about this initiative for a systemic reset here: https://newtomorrow.ca/