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Tangible Solutions to the challenges of our time. 

Over the past 50 years, Thomas Teuwen has accumulated a unique mix of life experiences that, with the help of his Love, he has synergized into a world view and lifestyle that could dramatically increase the chances of survival for our civilization. 
Thomas and his Love live on their urban farm, a 6,000 square foot town lot just a few blocks from the Salish Sea, where they grow a lot of food. While he is deeply engaged in the thrill of their low carbon, low consumption, carfree, plant based lifestyle as biophiliacs, he also feels a sense of responsibility. He wants to share his accumulated experience with future generations. 
That’s why he is making himself available to speak to your group or organization on a variety of provocative topics: 
Why Politicians can’t lead
     Exploring the limitations of representative democracy
How culture shapes our world
    A barrier and a catalyst for change
Love is a verb
    How one simple paradigm shift can change everything in your life
How to control large corporations
    The reality no one wants to talk about
The Technological Convergence
    A potentially bright but treacherous future
The Future of Energy
    Why Solar will out-compete everything else
Urban Farming
    Why growing even one plant for food can help change your world
    Why life on earth deserves our respect
Phantom Wealth
    Counting on the greater fool to secure our future
Climbing the rungs of progress
    Why we can’t go back
    Then and now
Paying others to live our lives
    Specialization drives us to know more and more about less and less
    until we know almost everything – about almost nothing.
Speaking fees are $500 per event. But to advance the common good one event per month is offered pro bono on a first come first serve basis. So book early.
Virtual events are much preferred to minimize the carbon footprint. But they must facilitate active audience participation. 
Format is usually comprised of a 20 minute presentation followed by an extensive Q&A
Cost of travel is not included in the speaking fee and must include carbon offsets. 
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