My name is Thomas Teuwen and I am a proud biophiliac, urban farmer, car-free builder, synergist and citizen of Earth, thriving on a plant based diet.

Over the last fifty years on my life’s journey through business, politics, activism, community development, and technology, I have accumulated a diverse and complex set of experiences that have culminated in a lifestyle befitting of the times we inhabit.

This web site is under construction but when it emerges anew, it will chronicle that experience and the lessons it taught me.

Stay tuned

Having moved beyond politics I have now developed a series of talks to help people and organizations explore and address the underlying challenges that prevent us from building a better world for all
Watch this space as it is currently under construction.
In the meantime, come see how you can help:

It’s people that have created our climate crisis.

And it’s people that can solve it.

It’s people that will suffer the consequences of failure.

And it’s people that will rejoice in our success.